Presenting Charm Card Creations!  Photo Art Cards and Charm Jewelry!

I never go searching for a photograph specifically. Rather I am  living my life and beautiful things to photograph just show up. Oftentimes, there is no one more surprised than me! So in many ways I am an intuitive photographer.  I marvel at the way a flower or a tree or a sky can be preserved at it's most beautiful beauty for all eternity. I believe that Beauty has the power to transform and transcend consciousness. Yes, Beauty is Everywhere Present.  To see more of my creations, please go to:


      My Charm Card Creations  (cards  and necklaces)  are available at Circa in  Geneva,  123 S. Third St. in Geneva,  IL.  630-208-0013.


        My home Telephone is 331-248-0268.  My cell  phone is  312-213-9767.  My email is:


        I am very happy to talk to you about my Charm Card Creations and to create a special order for you.


Thank you for enjoying my site and sharing in the Beauty around us all.

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